All types of learning.
One immersive environment.

UMU combines content creation and enterprise learning in one application that your employees will love to use.

In this era of rapid change, companies still relying on traditional eLearning with high cost and slow rollouts are at risk of losing their competitive edge.

With UMU, you can immediately deploy a learning platform that is mobile ready, supports performance, and promotes organizational excellence.

An immersive,
social learning experience.

Inspire every employee to engage, share, and grow.

  • Enable subject matter experts and training teams to collaborate on courses with our intuitive coursebuilder.

  • Deliver rich, interactive experiences that make learning stick.

  • String together courses to create personalized learning paths.

Clear roles and responsibilities keep everyone on track

  • Trainers and Training Managers

    Recommend learning paths, create content, assign lessons, answer questions, and gather feedback.

  • Teammates

    Share expertise to make your organization thrive.

  • Learners

    Access immediately applicable, bite-sized learning anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Empower sharing and learning.

A coursebuilder so intuitive, anyone can use it.

  • Create your own bite-sized microlearning with the tools you already have.

  • Assemble videos, quizzes, documents and more in a single course with ease.

  • Recommend, rate, find, and share learning content across your organization.

  • Easily share on social media and in WeChat and QQ messaging groups.

Easy setup and management

We support app, web, and HTML5.

  • UMU lives in the cloud, which means your platform is always fast, flexible, and up to date.

  • Customize the look and feel with branding and your very own learning portal.

  • Put your logo on UMU for a branded experience.

  • Instantly connect with WeChat to learn in group chats anytime, anywhere.

You’re in good company

You’re in good company

The perfect combination of software and service

You’re in good company

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